Crash Testing People in Planes

Artist: People in Planes
Published: 2005-11-10

Most of us have been in an airplane at one point in our lives and probably wish we were heading to a warm place right about now. We would give our left hand just to be somewhere else and that is what People in Planes would like you to feel. They want to take you to a special place with their new album, As Far as the Eye Can See.

The band was chilling at the Irish Embassy Pub in Toronto, which must have brought back some fond memories of Cardiff, Wales, where the band currently resides. They are on tour for the first time in North America making stops with The Bravery and squeezing in several cities in just a short time. I met up with guitarist Peter Roberts at a corner table in this cozy pub to talk about the tour and the new album. The band was inspired to form during a family excursion. Gareth Jones (lead vox) and Peter were surfing while on vacation, they loved to listen to Supergrass's "I Should Coco" and soon realized that they wanted to be in a band, and wanted Sam Williams who produced the track to work with them on As Far As The Eye Can See, and surprisingly enough, he did end up working with them.

Peter Green, Beck, Oceansize, and Queens of the Stone Age are just a few of the bands that People in Planes hold in the highest regard. "I like books, I like films I like generally sort of independent funded things which are great artistically and not really supermarket you know," says Peter of the band's inspiration for material.

Peter continues on about a book called "The Girl in the Golden Atom" by Ray Cummings. "It's written in the 1920's and it's really funny 'cause the most wacky of what could be sc-fi in those times was a pharmacist and [its about] him looking through a microscope into a golden ring and finding a miniature world inside the atom of the ring. Its quite funny to think that was what the extent of what sc-fi was [at the time] and it was really well written." The concept behind People and Planes fits in nicely with the themes of this book as Peter explains, "The whole globe being surrounded with a vast mass of people floating around in tin cans on their way somewhere and coming from another place in transit and not quite knowing where they are going or where they came from and it's kind of like a repatriation of how generally people are on a conveyer belt being lead to their destiny."

Wind up Records took on the band for North America and the band are quickly learning about balance in their careers. "You have to embrace both [the studio and the road] evenly really. We've done a lot of touring in the past but I think we have a much better objective now in that we got this record that we all love and believe in and a label behind us who are with us for the right reasons."

It's pretty clear that these down to earth gents did not cross the ocean to become giant rock stars, but to share with people their love for the music, life, and take their fans on a journey with them through the sounds and passion that this group of five have woven for the listen audience.

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Writer: Kyle Smyth

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