From Up North to Down Under

Artist: Raylene Scarrott
Published: 2005-07-25

The Aussies are coming, the Aussies are coming! We are so used to hearing that refrain with quality artists like Rebecca St James, Darlene Zesch and Paul Colman bringing their electrifying music to North America or in mainstream music circles with bands like the infamous Jet that it comes as somewhat of a surprise when the tide is reversed. Raylene Scarrott from Calgary, Alberta, firmly established herself as an international icon when she signed a sales and marketing agreement with Go Global Entertainment. The company is promoting her album "Taken" in Australia and New Zealand.

Scarrott says, "I am humbled and very excited about the many open doors for ministry that this partnership will no doubt bring."

Australian radio station personality Alan Sharpman from PD Rhema FM located in Port Macquarie New South Wales says, "I'm just listening to the "Taken" album and can't believe this girl is not signed to anyone. This has to be the best independent artist I've ever heard!"

Eric Nordhoff the president of Go Global, who formerly oversaw the international sales and marketing for both Word Entertainment and Provident Music Group, says about the decision to represent Scarrott, "I have known of Raylene Scarott's growing success and this seems to be the right time to take her music to the next level. I am very honored to work with her. I am thrilled that more people around the world will be impacted by Raylene's God given talent and ministry."

Scarrott is planning a tour for down under in the spring of 2006.

Soul Shine was able to reach Don Taylor in the Land Down Under. Taylor who has been busy promoting Scarrott's music to the stations says, "This is definitely an album worthy of airplay." One song that has been particularly well received is the rousing pop tune, "This Is the Sound".

Back home in Canada, Hollie Taylor, drive home co-host from 105.9 SHINE FM in Edmonton, "Raylene has a wonderful soulful voice that's a pleasure to listen to. You can really hear her love and passion for God in her music."

Not only is Raylene Scarrott making an impact internationally but she is passionate about being part of the Canadian music industry. In repeating an answer that she gave to an interviewer on Alberta's The Miracle Channel Scarrott related how excited she is to be a part of what she sees as a burgeoning Canadian music industry.

As if to add emphasis to her point about how the music industry in Canada is really taking off (her words) she spoke about what an honor it was to be nominated for a Juno Award in 2005. She said the honor really hit home when a local radio personality pointed out to her who the artists were that likely had their albums submitted and did not get nominated. Raylene's reaction when she first learned of her nomination, "This is huge. I can't believe it."

The eventual winner of the Juno Award Greg Sczebel refers to her as, "a phenomenal artist," and adds, "Her voice is outstanding and beautiful, as is her heart, and I believe we as Canadians are very privileged to be able to call her one of our own."

Everything about Raylene Scarrott seems to exude a zest for life. She is one of those people that when the question was posed to her to pick one quality about husband Kevin she really admires, she was perplexed that she was only allowed to pick one. About the impending birth of their first child and the timing of the birth given her career is just starting to take off she considers the baby a blessing and remains confident that as she and Kevin remain faithful in their relationship with God that her music ministry will continue to blossom.

Her duet with Jody McBrayer (Avalon) "I Surrender All" really is a testament to Scarrott's life. While discussing her appearance in Vulcan, Alberta, the small home town she grew up in (not the planet from whence came Mr. Spock!), she focused on things like how so many of the people in attendance had played a role in helping her develop as a person, a Christian, and as an artist. She also specifically focused in on the young woman who gave her heart to the Lord on the day Scarrott appeared.

"It's not about how much you do for God. It's about the quality of your relationship with Him. My relationship with the Lord is so much more important than how much I do for Him. I think having the baby that is really going to hit home because I am not going to be able to be on the road five months of the year. I don't even know how much I am going to be able to be out on the road. I was thinking oh no my career has got to come to an end because now I have to be a mom but I don't think it will come to an end but it will just slow down a bit because really in the grand scheme of things it's not going to matter to God. I need to make sure my relationship with Him is good first," she says.

With her successful three province 2004 tour behind her, a baby on the way, a husband she adores and a 2006 tour of Australia planned the future only looks bright for Raylene Scarrott. If you know anybody in Australia tell them the "the Canadians are coming, the Canadians are coming!"ˇor at least this one is prepared to rock their world!

Writer: Joe Montague

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