Classic Rock for A Tough Blonde

Artist: Sabrina Korva
Published: 2005-04-11

She's blonde. She's cute. And onstage, she could probably kick your a**.

It's time for the rock world to meet Sabrina Korva, who, at only eighteen years old, is already a five-year veteran of the music biz. The Vancouverite has been playing music and managing her own business since the age of thirteen, and has been co-writing with a number of notable songwriters - including former Age of Electric rocker Todd Kerns - for her upcoming debut album. Almost as surprising is her list of musical influences, which includes many bands that saw their heyday just after she was born.

Citing Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin as favourites, Korva specializes in rock with a classic feel - think LA's Sunset Strip in the mid 80's. Given that Vancouver is more known for its punk and alternative rock scenes, you have to wonder where Korva and her classic rock fit in. Her answer: "I don't fit in. And I love it one hundred percent!"

She grins proudly, looking every bit the rock 'n' roller dressed in denim and black leather. "I haven't been out playing in Vancouver very much, though. I've done a couple shows in LA, and I've got another booked for the summer - I'm playing Cruefest there. But in Vancouver, I've been writing mostly when I'm home. I haven't even been to a lot of the clubs there because I'm not nineteen yet. I can't even get in!" she laughs.

Los Angeles definitely seems like more of Korva's kind of town. After spending six weeks there in December to cut a demo, she has only praise for the scene. "Three nights a week, my friends would take me out to the Rainbow, the Roxy, the WhiskyÖit was such a blast!" she enthuses.

Eschewing the typical notion of solo artist, Korva refers to her band as best friends that she hangs out with "all the time." However, taking the reins of her own career isn't something she's avoided either. "Business-wise, I'm a solo artist with a band, but I haven't noticed there to be any extra pressure," she says. "There's actually less pressure because a lot of times with a band, especially going the independent way, labels want to see you selling tens of thousands of units before they even want to deal with you. As a solo artist, you kind of bypass a lot of that, so in a way it's good."

True to form, she has no misgivings - or apologies - for either her gender or her young age. "If anything, I've found more opportunities, being young and female. It's just turned out that way, and I was surprised. I was honestly expecting there to be a lot more obstacles. Of course, in the beginning I wasn't taken that seriously. I could go up to someone and they'd be like, 'What kind of musician are you?' I'd be like, 'oh, rock.' And then they go, 'Oh, you mean Avril Lavigne, right?' It's like, uh, no - I mean rock." She puts extra emphasis on the last word, laughing. "But that's just the initial reaction. Once people hear the music, they get it, you know?"

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Writer: Caitlin Hotchkiss

Photo:Amanda Fleming

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