What Love's About

Artist: BevAcqua
Published: 2005-04-07

If you know people who think that Christian music can't be sung with style and an edge then buy them a BevAcqua CD or drag them out to one of their concerts because you are going to be hearing this husband and wife duo Joe and Daphne BevAcqua on both Christian and mainstream radio for a very long time.

"What Love's About", track five from the album, and "Free" is a potential chart stopper for mainstream radio if BevAcqua can attract a contract from a major label or some heavy duty investors. Rewind a few years back to Sheryl Crow's "My Favorite Mistake" and you have the sound that Daphne has captured as she sings "What Love's About". The words to the latter, however, speak about the quest for a new found relationship with God, while Crow looked back at a past romantic relationship. The song "What Love's About" also features some deep guitar grooves by Joe BevAcqua.

"If there is a formula for writing a hit song, BevAcqua has found it," says Scott Jackson, station manager for LIFE 100.3.

When performing in concert, BevAcqua is often complimented by a backup band however this is not an act that features flashy media and light shows. BevAcqua's strongest attribute is the stunning vocals complimented by deep guitar grooves from Joe. They have the ability to easily transition from worship songs to a harder rock sound.

At a recent concert in Toronto, they played Darlene Zesch's "This is How We Overcome"; Daphne effortlessly matched Zesch note for note.

In the fall of 2004, "I Love You Lord" another song from the "Free" CD was included as a bonus track on Volume 46 of Song Discovery's resources for worship leaders and made available to subscribers of "Worship Leader Magazine". When you look at the credits for Volume 46 and see the names of Michael W. Smith and Chris Tomlin on the same CD, you begin to understand just how good BevAcqua are and how great they can become.

The rock song "Inside Out" will appeal to guitar buffs with Joe laying down some memorable riffs. Daphne once demonstrates her versatility by singing with an edge, "Have you ever wondered why people are so fickle/One day they love you the next day they don't/And you try so hard to appease complainers..."

The album "Free", however, is an album of hope, not negativity, as the lyrics to the worship tune "I Love You Lord" remind us "'Cause you alone are my God / No one loves me like you do."

BevAcqua is a perfect example of what happens when you get a band that has been blessed with good songwriting skills and they also happen to be good performers. In commenting on performing their own material Daphne says, "When you sing it live, there's a real passion behind it because you really know where that song came from and where the words came from --the experience you went through to be able to write that song."

"When I write something it usually has to do with a situation that I've gone through or I'm going through. I'm the kind of person who vents on paper. So when I'm really upset about something or really happy about something it usually ends up in a song. His (Joe's) lyrics are more worshipful. That's where a lot of our worship songs come from. They are usually from Joe's writing and all the ones that are hard issue type ones are the ones that I write," says Daphne.

"You have a lot of mountains and valleys and emotional rollercoaster rides. I think a lot of times God really wants to deal with our hearts and make sure that our hearts are clean and pure in certain areas before he takes us to the next level, " adds Joe

The couple credits their new producer Andrew Horrocks for doing just that, taking them to the next level with "Free". He was able to bring their style together in a more artistic fashion. Joe says the difference between their earlier work and the songs recorded for this album is very noticeable.

The diversity in their music is a reflection on Joe and Daphne's distinctly different roots. Daphne grew up in the church while Joe, prior to becoming a Christian came from a rock band and the world of drugs and alcohol. Wait a minute, Daphne's the one dealing with the tough issues in her songwriting, and Joe is writing the worship tunes÷Well, does it really matter when you are creating music of this caliber and obviously have a winning formula?

The BevAcqua's feel that the diversity in their music styles allows them to not only appeal to a wider spectrum of fans, but it gives them a broader platform for sharing their faith in Christ.

In December of 2004, their song "Merry Christmas" was played on eighty radio stations across the country. It was picked up by both mainstream and Christian radio.

It was "Merry Christmas" that gave birth to the idea that they just might be a Christian band that can bridge the gap between Christian artist and mainstream radio. "I said to Joe, you know Christina Aguilera and all these other people are singing 'O Holy Night', why wouldn't they let our song get on there? Why don't we give it a shot?" and Daphne continues, "So we ended up making these connections with the different program directors and music directors at all these secular stations and now we have our foot in the door."

"It seemed to catch on like wild fire with all the secular radio stations. We were amazed and perplexed about it," says Joe.

You can hear samples of their music at www.bevacquamusic.com Better yet, why not invest in some tickets for Kingdom Bound in New York state this summer where BevAcqua will be performing. You can catch their act August 1st in the worship tent.

Writer: Joe Montague

Photo:Joe Montague

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