Stepping out In Faith

Artist: Bec Abbot
Published: 2005-03-14

The number one track on Bec Abbot's debut CD "Shine Like Stars" is really a testament to the person she once was and the growth that has taken place in both her life and music career. In her own words once fearful of change she has stepped out in faith and deliberately placed herself in situations where she had to learn to push the boundaries. The song "Thrive" a catchy pop tune written by Abbot says, "I don't buy that we can't change/people doomed to stay the same."

The album "Shine Like Stars" once again demonstrates the musical genius of British Columbia producer Roy Salmond and his ability to coax the best performances from the artists he works with at his Whitewater Productions studio. Salmond and Abbot took time to produce a quality CD that also digs deep into Abbot's soul and what drives her to sing. "I believe being authentic with people and being real with people is what we all want, it's not just something a Christian person wants," she then adds, "All people really want is a connection with other people and to sense some kind of oneness and love."

Abbot says that the album, which was produced in three stages over a one year period, contains a common thread; the theme is sharing truth. "That being the truth of the world we live in, the truth that we are in a relationship with each other and it's messed up and it's hard and it's dirty, but we always have a hope. I'm driven by a desire to tell truth to people."

She drives that message home with the number three track "Something's Gotta Give", a song with real attitude. "I'm not buying that story you're selling/enough with the lies you've been telling --Think the grass is green on the other side? My dear you're in for a bumpy rideůbetter wake up shape up get it through your head."

Abbot questions what it is that causes us to categorize music as being Christian or not. "Is it the fact that we sing the name of Christ in it or is it the fact that it is a Christian who is singing it that makes it Christian? I don't even like to talk about that because I think if we are being authentic about who we are, people are going to hear who Christ is in our lives because Christ is in everything and hopefully that will translate no matter who my audience is."

As you sit listening to this daughter of an Evangelical Missionary Church pastor talk about her life long struggle with being shy you marvel at how far she has come. Several years ago she left the safe confines of church to sing as a backup vocalist on stage, often in club settings in Toronto. She toured with Blaise Pascal from 1998-2000. She said the edgier sound to Pascal's music pushed her own boundaries outwards, something she needed at the time. They performed at C'est What? and The Horseshoe Tavern.

Abbot says being in a support role allowed her to test the waters in a safe way. This was a time in her life she recalls that pushed her beyond what she had previously been familiar with and was a time of real growth. "My identity as a musician really found a foundation of freedom and I didn't want to ever turn back from that."

In the song "Surprised" Bec Abbot teases her listeners with glimpses of what may still be ahead. You can hear a grittier sound to her voice in one line, "I'm right back to where I began/I'm up to my knees in regret." Her voice leaves the listener convinced that she does indeed know about what she would refer to as the messier side of life.

Like many writers, Abbot finds her songwriting gives her an opportunity to work through difficult circumstances in life. "My music is definitely about my process in life, about my dealing with difficult relationships, and dealing with pain about my past. That's a big message I share in my concerts. I really believe people want to know that they are not alone in their pain."

It was from such a set of circumstances that the burning desire to produce an album was born. Today she is grateful and is in awe of how God worked to open the doors. She and husband Rob did not have the money to create a CD and she went to her parents for advice. She recalls her father's words, "What would you do if money wasn't an issue?" and "Let's just trust God." A couple of weeks later a couple in their church approached Rob and offered to host a benefit concert to help raise money for the creation of the CD. All this took place without Bec having confided in anyone outside her family that she had this "burning desire in my heart". Through Steve Bell she was introduced to Roy Salmond and production was started on her CD.

As she begins work on her second CD, Bec Abbot is living the words to her song "Thrive", "walk through open doors/celebrate this life I'm living."

Writer: Joe Montague

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