Disconnection Notice

Artist: Goldfinger
Published: 2005-03-07

Over nine years ago, every music fan wanted to know the name of the band that wrote the catchy punk track "Here In My Bedroom". Once the name Goldfinger was made known, no one ever forgot it.

Things have changed since their self-titled debut album in 1996; now each band member has side projects they have been working on. Drummer Darrin Pfeiffer produced a four-song demo for Burlington, Ontario, band The Spicoli's and John Feldmann has been producing other bands, perhaps some of Goldfinger's musical competitors.

Soul Shine had the chance to meet up with bassist Kelly LeMieux mere hours before Goldfinger's show at the Kool Haus in February. LeMieux has so much energy and an off-the-wall sense of humour; I could tell it was difficult for him to stay still for the interview.

When asked about Feldmann producing other bands, LeMieux said, "It doesn't pi** me off. It definitely keeps us in a profile because it keeps him in a profile, but we don't tour as much, and that's how I make my money, touring. Because it's like, you know, let's face it, the record industry is kind of on it's a** right now with all of the downloading and all that crap. It's not the same as it's always been."

After this tour, LeMieux wants to start working on his own project named "Age of the New Millennium", which he says is much different from Goldfinger. "It sounds a little darker÷I would say it's like Stone Temple Pilots meets Queens of the Stone Age meets old Guns N' Roses."

With band members putting effort into other projects, it's no surprise fans are wondering about the future of Goldfinger. "I do worry about the longevity of Goldfinger," LeMieux admits, "When you're in a band it seems like every record is going to be your last record. Of all the musicians and bands across the world, I think it's like 10 per cent actually have a career."

Goldfinger is part of that 10 per cent. "Disconnection Notice" is far from a let down and has received positive reviews from critics. "The record was recorded almost a year ago, but it just took us a while to get it out," LeMieux said. "We worked on it for two weeks and then we came back to it÷I recorded my bass tracks in a week."

Goldfinger may not be the most popular band in their genre, but they have gained respect for releasing decent albums and putting on good shows. Many fans wonder if there is a true meaning behind the album title, "Disconnection Notice". Perhaps Goldfinger is giving us a warning that the band may be going their separate ways, but only time will tell.

Writer: Mindi St. Amand

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