Tough as Nails Rock & Roll

Artist: Rev¯lver
Published: 2005-02-18

Rev¯lver has spot-on intelligence with their unity and sense of family approach. "We are like brothers and sister," says bassist Laurie-Anne. When chatting with their manager there is affirmation that he really gives a damn. He plays a positive fatherly role with his encouragement and constructive criticism. This unified attitude is reflected through their music and the way the band members are perceived. "There is one rule when dealing with conflict," says seasoned professional manager, Enzo. "WE wash dirty laundry behind closed doors. Everyone in the band knows exactly what his or her roles are. WE are part of a family and a family that sometimes have problems." Nick reiterated, "We can count on one hand the amount of conflict this band has had". It's apparent that there is a high level of equality and respect due to having no egos attached. These attributes seem to be the contributing factors for this band's obvious connection on and off stage.

Timing was the key factor to bringing this band together by Juno award winner Nick Walsh (formally with Slik Toxik). When asking the differences between Slik Toxik and Rev¯lver Walsh had this to say: "The music/genre that killed Slik Toxik is a big influence on the music of Rev¯lver. It is as if we are embracing the grim reaper." Rev¯lver recently signed with Sextant/Zing and "In the past, when recording A/R guys tend to want to place their two cents worth in. Sextant realized a talent and did not want to mess with it. I hate to give the old clichÈ but, if it ain't broke - don't fix it". Perhaps this is the reason for their success as a unit this time around.

The chosen name was due to Walsh's favorite band "Beatles". "When Rev¯lver came into existence Velvet Revolver was not around." They had no intentions to change their name due to recent said popularity. With affirmation Walsh stated, "What did 'The Who' do when 'The Guess Who' was around? Or even 'Velvet Underground' ". There are many other examples of the same that are catalogued.

Laurie stated, "Nick is the guy! He sings, writes and plays every part. It has taken 3 years to mold our sound." Even when it comes to rehearsing the band is a "well-oiled machine". These professional musicians rehearse on their own and are ready to play at a moments notice.

What's your opinion on today's hardrock and metal? Does metal/hardrock still get a chance in today's enormous choice of music? "I don't think there's enough. The North American industry is not bringing it to the forefront," says Laurie-Anne. She does however "see the trend starting to tilt". On the other hand "music genres are in and out, there seems to be a 10 year trend." Wishful thinking has drummer Sheldon Thomas hoping that perhaps it is their turn.

What don't you, as a band, like to be described as? "The band from the 80's - lumping us in with groups like Poison. We are all elements of the past three decades. All the good in that music with modern production and different tuning," says Walsh. With some of the members having been involved with Edwin, Kim Bingham, Nelly Furtado, Three Days Grace there is a tendency for the general public to agree. They all have individual qualities to pull them outside that label. ON stage they offer pure "rock and roll" with a retro feel.

Rev¯lver's future includes a "heavy interest in Europe - outdoors festivals, and the shooting of their next video for 'Dead Weight' ".

To check out more music and their latest video 'Turbulence' (now appearing on Much Loud)

Writer: Penny Hayward

Photo:Behzad Salehoun

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