Giving it All

Artist: Leviride
Published: 2005-02-09

Leviride have plans for the coming year. Big plans, in fact. Plans that will hopefully take them beyond the success of their last indie release, "Nothing's Getting Better". There's a determined note in the voice of Paul Lahey, frontman for the Toronto-based rock quartet, as he discusses Leviride's course of action for 2005.

"We're in the pre-production stage for the new album right now," Lahey says. "This time, though, instead of going for an indie release like our last one, we're going to shop around for a larger label deal. I think we'll probably release a digital single beforehand, or maybe have a CD single available at shows. But what we really want to focus on is getting national distribution."

Not to mention their ambition might possibly be taking them beyond Canada's shores. "Europe is definitely a focus for us, but I think now we're shooting for early 2006. The year 2005 is going to be spent recording and shopping for major distribution. But we're also probably gonna do some touring of the East Coast, then go down into the United States a bit."

First up for Leviride, though, is Soul Shine's own All 4 Indie Benefit on February 17th at the Horseshoe. Sharing a stage with Turn Off The Stars, Afflatus and Showroom, Lahey predicts that "it won't be a quiet acoustic night. We're just going to go up and have fun, get people to put some money out for the relief effort and have a good time. We have to appreciate the fact that we live in a country where a disaster like that isn't an immediate threat."

Why choose to participate in one of the many fundraising concerts for the tsunami victims? To Lahey, the answer's obvious. "It motivates people and raises awareness. It's a means of lending your talent if you can't give money." He sighs and then continues, "It's terrible when you see anything like that happen÷and it's too common to just tune it all out and focus on yourself. You naturally react to it, and what the artists are doing is no different than Live Aid or whatever. It doesn't matter who you are - you always want to do what's in humanity's best interests."

Writer: Caitlin Hotchkiss

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