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Artist: Carried Away
Published: 2005-01-31

Three young women from the Toronto area are officially releasing their debut CD "Closer To You" on February 8th at 7 pm with an in-store concert at R.G. Mitchell Christian Books on Islington Avenue. Industry experts are calling Carried Away one of the most exciting groups to emerge on the Christian music scene in a long time.

Despite their youth, sisters Pam (17) and Colleen Walker (20) with cousin Christine Prankard (19),have already worked with an established Nashville producer Otto Price (Sonic Flood, Barlow Girl)and are spending the month of February touring coast to coast in support of their album.

Their first single to be released, "I Know", was ranked number one on the YourMusicZone Cancon charts. The single was an original tune penned by the group. Many radio stations have added the song to their playlists.

"Young, talented, energetic, and they're Canadian!" is how Steve Jones from Life 100.3 describes the group.

"These girls are going to go far, and I personally can't wait to get my hands on the full length album", comments Faith FM's Tanya Gafoor, the station's morning show co-host.

In 2004 the group had fifty performance dates and opened for TobyMac. They also appeared on 100 Huntley Street and are slated to appear on The Miracle Channel.

Colleen and Pam write most of the lyrics while Christine pens the melody. Three of their original tunes appear on the album. In addition to "I Know", "Spinning Round" and "Alive" were written by the trio. Several more were co-written by Marianne Adams formerly of the well known trio Sierra. Jeff Deyo, former lead singer for Sonic Flood makes a guest appearance on the group's signature song also known as "Carried Away".

Price comments, "What I see in these girls is a unique ability to pick harmonies and musical notes that are different than your run-of-the-mill ones." "They've definitely taken a signature stamp to their sound as a group, and I know they will do well in their future."

Adding credence to their distinct sound is the fact Nashville based manager Scott McReynolds was visiting at Marianne Adams' home when he noticed the pre-release of the CD sitting on a table and asked to borrow it. He popped it in his car's CD player, listened and immediately made some phone calls to request a meeting with the group.

What is refreshing about meeting with these young ladies is you soon realize they are truly grateful for their success and it hasn't made them self absorbed. Colleen related how working in a studio was new to them.

"We had the opportunity to work together and create new ideas with Otto Price," then Colleen giggled, "and now we have our CD."

Creating a popular sound was not the only goal the group had in mind. Colleen says, "We wanted the album to focus truly and really on God." They wanted the words to direct people's focus towards God, "That was really important in choosing songs."

Scott McReynolds who managed another well known women's trio "Sierra" and is based in Nashville says of the Walker sisters and Prankard, "they have a true heart for ministry. They truly love God and want to serve Him."

No matter which one of these talented young ladies you talk to they make the point that they consider this to be more than a career it is an opportunity to share their faith.

You can easily forget that Pam is only seventeen years old when you hear her say, "I think some of the goals that we have for Carried Away are to just take this thing as far as possible as far as God allows and we really have a heart for pre-teenage girls. That's an important age where they're just getting ready to enter high school and they are going to be faced with so many decisions in different things. It's just very important that they hear the message of God and to know that He has a plan for their life."

Christine adds," We are just really excited to spread the Word of God and that is what he has told us to do in His Word."

Pam adds, "I'm still in high school right now so to be able to get my education but do this big singing thing at the same time is just incredible for me. It's amazing. I mean to have the chance to do it."

Pam is finishing her high school through home schooling while sister Colleen and cousin Christine are participating in distance learning courses through Prairie Bible Institute in Three Hills Alberta.

Christine noted," It is a great experience because we get to use our experience that we are learning in Bible College for our ministry in Carried Away."

Writer: Joe Montague

Photo:Joe Montague

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