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Title Artist Date
Seabird Provide Hope On 'Til We See The Shore' Seabird 2008-07-10
The Wave Starter Sales, Hayley 2007-07-20
Shane and Shane Discuss Their Upcoming Release 'Pages' Shane and Shane 2007-07-03
Seventh Day Slumber's Joseph Rojas is 'Finally Awake' Seventh Day Slumber 2007-05-14
Switchfoot's Tim Foreman Talks about 'Gravity' Switchfoot 2007-01-24
Starfield Discuss 'Beauty in the Broken' Starfield 2007-01-12
Waking a New Generation with 'Comatose' Skillet 2006-09-26
Ron Sexsmith Talks on 'Time Being' and Songwriting Sexsmith, Ron 2006-07-27
Spirit of Stan Rogers Alive and Well Stan Rogers Folk Festival 2006-06-27
Shad K Is Just Beginning In Never Ending Talent Shad K 2006-06-23
Stabilo Celebrate 10 Years of 'Happiness and Disaster' Stabilo 2006-06-16
Starry-Eyed for a Spring Release Starfield 2006-02-09
The Quest for Purity St. James, Rebecca 2005-11-03
Shezza Opens the Door for First Nations Shezza 2005-07-25
Broken and Rebuilt Seether 2005-06-01
Lighting up the Crowd Schultz, Mark 2005-05-31
Get Your Praise On Shai Awards 2005 2005-05-16
Part III: The New Release žBeauty From PainÓ, Their Most Personal Album Yet Superchic[k] 2005-05-05
Living So Natural Salvador 2005-05-05
Part II: Why They Have Been Embraced By Mainstream Movie, Television, and Video Game Producers Superchic[k] 2005-04-18
Classic Rock for A Tough Blonde Sabrina Korva 2005-04-11
Part 1: The Teenage Years Superchic[k] 2005-04-07
The Language of Life Sowatt 2005-03-29
Soul Wax Lay Down The Beats Soulwax 2005-03-11
A Sound Resounds & Is ŽHere to StayŪ Sczebel, Greg 2005-03-02
No Longer Fighting The Tide Sanctus Real 2005-02-24
Upward Nobility Showroom 2005-02-10
Living In The Moment Starfield 2004-12-30
An Organic Structure Sanchez, Roger 2004-11-29
The Hunger for Success Starvin Hungry 2004-06-09
Kings of the Party Smugglers, The 2004-05-20
Broad Strokes and Bar Chords Sprout, Tobin 2004-03-24
Living the Life Span 2004-03-07
The Salads Are King Salads, The 2004-01-17
Smooth Sailing for James Walsh Starsailor 2003-10-09
Starr-Spangled Stellastarr* 2003-08-14
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