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Title Artist Date
Hawk Nelson Wants To Be Your Friend Hawk Nelson 2008-04-11
Justine Hines Wishes You Well Hines, Justin 2007-09-10
Rebekah Higgs: Road Trip to Success Higgs, Rebekah 2006-04-21
Holly Stell is the 'Petite Pavarotti' Holly Stell 2006-03-23
Bringing 'Life' to Dance Music Hunter, Andy 2005-10-03
Not Backing Down Hello Kelly 2005-04-07
Watery, Domestic Hinterland 2005-03-02
Bringing Back Indie Rock Hope Of The States 2004-12-16
The Rainbow Coalition Hidden Cameras, The 2004-08-09
Coastal Reflections Heavy Blinkers 2004-06-22
The Hollow's Faith in Prog-Metal Hollow, The 2004-05-18
Odd Pop and the 1890s High Llamas, The 2004-03-07
Hot Hot Heat Chill Out Hot Hot Heat 2004-02-02
Uplifting the Arts Haberstock, Christa 2003-11-10
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