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Jordan Maroko : Jordan Maroko Goes Big with 'On & On'

I sat down with indie singer/songwriter Jordan Maroko to ask about his music, how he began and what he did to gain momentum as an...

Ben Graham : Ben Graham Learns His Lesson

19-year-old London, Ontario musician Ben Graham is producing independent music with raw, poetic emotion. While he is a part of the Ontario rock 'n'...

Relevant Worship : Relevant Worship Mix Music and Ministry To Reach A Love Starved World

Itís a Thursday evening when I get the chance to chat with Relevant Worship guitarist Matt Poulsen and heís out enjoying a free concert in Lafayette...

Seabird : Seabird Provide Hope On 'Til We See The Shore'

While some bands aim to sell millions of records and others make music simply to write number one hits Cincinnati band Seabird has a simple goal, ďwe...

Brooke Fraser : Brooke Fraser Sings for A Cause

New Zealand songstress Brooke Fraser, though only twenty-four, has already visited most of the world's continents, including neighbouring Australia,...

Hawk Nelson : Hawk Nelson Wants To Be Your Friend

With two solid albums under their belt, "Letterís To The President" and "Smile, Itís The End of The World", which collectively sold over 350 000...

Missy Higgins : Coming to America

When I spoke to Aussie songstress Missy Higgins she was readying herself for her New York stop on her North American tour after just finishing a...

Delirious? : Delirious? Talk About 'Kingdom of Comfort'

"We just canít carry on the same way in any sphere of our lives. Everywhere you go thereís a shift happening. People are evaluating whatís truly...

Yoav : Yoav Goes Global with 'Charmed and Strange'

Itís difficult to pinpoint exactly what genre of music Yoav falls into. The musicianís unique sound manages to incorporate the instrumentation of a...

International Justice Mission Canada : International Justice Mission Fights Back Against Human Traffickers

For five years, International Justice Mission Canada has made it their goal to educate, empower, and engage Canadians in the pursuit of justice for...
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