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Soul Shine was founded in 2002 on the belief that the Canadian music scene had more potential than what was currently being invested in it. After collectively working in publicity for such labels as EMI Music Publishing, Sony Music, and B-Unique Records, Paul Whitfield found his experience with sound engineering and web design complimented Lindsay Bloemink's skills as a journalist, and editor; both agreed that it was time for Canada to further empower its artists as key players on the world's musical palette.

Managing Editor, Lindsay Whitfield (formerly Bloemink) has been extensively involved in editorial work since 1999 when she founded "The Beat" poetry column at The Lance in Windsor, Ontario. She continued on as Associate Arts Editor until 2002 when she took off to England for a whirlwind of Brit rock, pubs, and rainy days. Being kept in doors most days propelled this UK music editor of Havit Magazine to begin Soul Shine's creative process with her partner, Paul Whitfield. Paul is best known for producing Canadian artists' Sarah Slean first demo recording, and generating several musical contributions to OLN's popular series, "Don't Forget Your Passport".

The ability to engage the Canadian public with a more focused musical identity and allow for the necessary interactivity provided on Soul Shine online is our effort. There is no doubt in our minds that Canadian and international music will continue to flourish and make us proud if we hold our artists on our shoulder's and allow them a place to shine.
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