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Online Advertising
Soul Shine Magazine offers a selection of advertising opportunities including banners and video ads with an interactive flexibility that reaches your target audience. We are a new media publication that cares about reflecting a positive outlook in our content for our readers and that goes for our advertising policy too. If we wouldn't feature it, we aren't going to endorse it. If you're looking for a publication that prides itself on its content and quality of product, you've come to the right place for like-minded campaigns and will be exposing yours to key consumer culture in the local and international music scenes.

What You Need:
You require an online presence for your client's tour news, audio/video releases and public appearances. We have a number of online advertising options that include banner advertising and video ads on our onDemand Soul Shine video player.

"Most executive decisions and virtually all affluent adult shoppers use the Web to make or research their purchases. Internet advertising has proven to be more cost effective, more easily and accurately measured, and productive than any traditional advertising technique."
- Nielson / NetRatings

Soul Shine Magazine is among the new media on the cutting edge of ushering in interactive advertising for the digitally-cultured consumer. To book an advertising campaign with Soul Shine Magazine or to request further information please contact us at:

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