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Soul Shine Publishing, creator of, is out to set the industry standard for new media magazines. Do you want your daily dose of entertainment to be the NASDAQ of breakups? To hear about someone else's apathy that brings as much joy as summer reruns? We don't either. The dictionary defines "good" as “having desirable or positive qualities" and the new music Soul Shine covers is defined in much the same way. Our coverage affirms that music doesn't have to be destructive to be cool.

Soul Shine is all about covering the positive alternative in the best of new music. From indies making it through their first LP to show-stopping mainstreamers, they're all covered as equals here; no matter if it's your mama or your label backing you.

In 2002, we began calling on people from around the world to work together and make the Soul Shine experience happen. Even now, Soul Shine still holds true to its foundation that what music lovers say is more important than those pushing the merchandise. Supporting a positive alternative in new music is the point, because with increased coverage it will penetrate the industry, which will in turn make everyone's day shine.

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